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                   The polythene synthesis was first discovered in march 27,1933 by Eric Fawcett and Reginald Gibson,at the Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in Northwich, England.Thereafter polythene become the most largest product sales in the worldwide and its sale is move over 90 million matric tons per year.

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 There are many of uses of polythene in our benifits

1.  Use in Shopping & carrying things

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When we go for shopping we get a polythene carry bag from the shopkeeper or salesman for to carry our shopping items to at our home.  

2. Packing of products

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When we purchase product from the market there we found some poly coated items in the products for maintain its freshness such as bread, medicines, food items,kitchen items and many other items also it is being using.We can also re using it after open the seal ot it.

3. Safe from touching infection . 

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There are another benefit with polythene  that to cover our feet to stay safe from infection through water,mud and from other source .

4. Stop leakage  

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               It can be use in the spot of leakages where water or any other liquid flows as it may like the water passed through the pipe and there is a leak in the pipe, there is a option for use the polythene to stop flow the water or liquid in the leakage .

5. Protect from water to your device  

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In the rainy season there is  a good use of polythene cover to protect your devices from the water.

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