Sunday, 25 March 2018


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Summer is called the season of mango, and we gets plenty of mango in this season. It is so much necessary for our body to eat mango.There in a benefit for those people whose cheek is becomes red, There is a option for those people to get relax from this problem with the raw mango. Because it contains vitamin "C" which helps increase the vitamin level in our body and this is equals to the vitamins of 53 apples, 18 bandannas, 3 lemons, and 3 oranges. And also it benefit in getting good result in some diseases. Lets know that what is the benefits that we gets from raw mango.

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1. It maintains the water level in the body if you take the raw mango with salt.

2. Because it has plenty of vitamin "C", it make clean the blood by destroy west materials from the blood. And also relaxing from the other diseases related with blood.

3. It also provide relax from gas in stomach.

4. And it is also have the natural power to save or protect our lever, and we can protect our lever eith this in natural way.

5. It also benefits in empowering our preventive power of our body and provide the natural power to  fight against the infection and disease.

6. Also it contains fiver enough which helps to loss the weight of body.

Generally we can say as it is one type of a natural antibiotic for the body .

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