Friday, 23 March 2018


Yes it is true that only one liter petrol you can visit up to 153 kilometer with your bike soon. This is not a joke really, this miracle is happen in Uttar Pradesh,and the miracle is done by Bibek Kumar Patel. He lives in the "Gududi"village of  kousambi district of UP. He was experimenting with the bike engine from so many times. And also he was achieved success in it.He is now can do increase the mileage of any motorcycle or bike, up to 30 to 35 kilometer with his successful technology. And  the technology that which is use in the bike of Bibek is running 153 kilometer per liter. This technology has already gets the permit of granted from Uttarpradesh Council for Science and Technology & Alhabad Motilal Neheru  National Institute of Technology.

About the technology of Bibek

In this technology Bibek only change the carburetor from the bike and joint the carburetor which is made with his technology by which mileage average of bike is increase. And the most important thing is that it is not so much expensive, It is only cost 500/- for that carburetor. This technology of Bibek has registered in Technology Business Equation Center of Sri Maa Vaishnoba Devi University. And center will offer to Bibek 75 lakhs for this for this project.

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