Monday, 26 March 2018


If you want in showing your interest to earn money with your free blog then here are full tips for you. You need to follow the tips.

Let's know first that how to make a blog. 
1.  Open your gmail account and login with your account 

Then go to your google browser without sign out the gmail account. And type or visit website.

It will automatically access with your account and you will find there an option of "Create".
Click on it, After you click on it the next screen will appear like 

Here you need to fill the title of your choice like, my home, my pet or any other over your choice and the address which will be use for the visitors will reach in your blog through this like,, etc.

And after finish this, click in the Create blog button. And the next screen will be appear like 

And your blog is ready now and you will see the option to make your post now. Click on the New post button for make or edit your post .

Another option also find like,

View blog :  You can see your blog that which you created and how your blog seems like for the visitors.

Post : You can see your post and edit your post at any time required

Stats : You can see the viewer status and information of your blog.

Comments  : You get information about your post that which visitors share in your blog.

Earning : You need to make so beautiful blog and suitable blog for to get earning money, and your earning will provide Google Ad sense after your blog approve by Ad sense.

Google Ad sense : The primary work of Ad sense is placed advertisement in the blogs, websites and other related sites area where the visitors comes maximum or hugely. Ad sense show there Ads their and provide the ad commission to that sites.

You can make income with the Ad sense once your blog or side gets approve.

Campaign  : You can increase your blog viewers or visitors by spend money with Google ad words campaign.

Page : With this option you can create more page for making more beautiful to your blog and also bring the attraction of visitors to search more by using maximum time in your blog.
For example - About us page, Contact us page, Faq page, Privacy policies page and you can also add by suitable for blog. 

Layout : You can edit you blog layout as your choice. 
For example - If you want to set the search button in the top of the blog which is placed now in the side bar, then drag it from the side bar and put it in the top the blog. And then save your arrangement to view the search option on the top of the blog.

Theme : Edit with color of your choice for looks a very beautiful blog of yours, with the button of Customize  in the theme option. 

Setting : Control your blog as a admin with setting option. Such as change or edit the name and title option, change the address of your blog option, delete of blog option and etc.

Reading list : This is the extra option for you that only you can see the theme and read the details about it.

Help : With the option of help you can get all the information related blog which require for the help.

Now  you can start make your blog for free and earn money from google Ad sense by approve it.

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