Monday, 12 March 2018


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 *   There are so many colors are available in the world still why Facebook is blue color ?generally the cause of  blue color is mainly the head of the Facebook "Mark Kukarsberg " can see maximum rightly to this color an this data is published in a live TV telecast of Russia.

*    There is a person that never block by anybody in the Facebook , his name is  "Mark Kukarsberg "

Image result for facebook image

*    To search "Mark Kukarsberg " in the facebook use /4 in the url. or to connect with "Mark Kukarsberg ".

*    Facebook is not allow in the China and North curia but there are crores of users of it.

*    After death of an users we can report in the facebook for a memorized account and this account can not be login again or can not be change.

*    There is a feature in the facebook i.e "poke" which have no meaning, this feature is only made for  use of time without motive. If you will ask to facebook help center you will get no answer of it.

*   There is no "Back to Home" or "Home" option to reach on the top at any time .

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