Monday, 12 March 2018


*    Files and documents should keeps in the north-east position of house , for to get quick results in that work.

*   Always  keeps the chairs ,tables and sofa items in the north-east or north-west direction for to maintain development and happiness in the family.

*   Always keep the watch in the east-north direction of house because bad time will be away from the house.

*   Make the dinning hall in the direction of the north-west side of the house. Otherwise keep a big mirror in the dinning hall.

*   Keep a god's house in the south-east direction of the house for the development of  reputation of house, If it will not be possible then put some Gangajal in a copper pot.

*   Keep the bathroom in the direction of south-west or east-south of the house .

*   Treasury should keep in the south or in north direction of house , this is for the development of money in the house.

*   Bed room should in the direction of south-west for the good luck otherwise keep any show piece of red color in the bed room.

*   Kitchen room should be in the direction of south-east of house for the good luck otherwise keep a crystal item in the kitchen.

*   Keep empty in the direction of east-north of the house.

*   Always keep a full pot of water in the bathroom or in kitchen before sleeps for the development and full of happiness in the house.

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