Tuesday, 27 March 2018


It is really so easy to make the beautiful cricket bat in just few minutes.You can found your drawing of cricket as like above picture if you draw as like given in the process of picture below .So let's start its drawing as like given picture below.

Make a straight line towards below for the edge of the bat as it is shown in the picture no 1. 
Make another side of edge like in the picture no 2.
Make a curve which will be joint to the two edge of no 1 and no 2 with no 3 for the toe of the bat.
Then make its handle by draw a line from upward to downward on the middle and above of the two edge as given in the picture no 4.
Make another like no 4 in the opposite side as shown like no 5.
Then make its handle cap with a curve which will joint in the top no 4 and no 5 as it is shown in the picture no 6
Then join the handle and edge with a curve for making shoulder of the bat as shown in the picture no 8.
Make another like same in the opposite of shoulder no 8 as shown in the picture no 9.
Make a small curve as like picture no 10 for the grip point of the bat.  
Make a line as in the picture no 11 (left) for the bone of the bat and a square (right) for its design 
Make line as it is shown in the picture like no 12 for to show like the edge of toe and for the (right) You can add any sticker in the bat as like B D M in the picture no 12. 
Make another like no 12 as in no 13 for the another side edge look .
And then drawing is ready for the color.
Add your desire color or you add like blue in the handle and red and add yellow in the sticker.After you add this color it will look a perfect cricket bat as in the above picture. 

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