Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Make a  cross line like in the picture no 1 
Then make another straight line which will be join with no 1 starting point as no 2.
Then draw another like same line in the below of no 2 at from the last point like as the picture no 3. 
Then joint the last of no 2 and no 3 end line with no 4.
Make a line towards down wards from the point of joint picture no 1 and picture no 3 as like picture no 5
Then make a straight line from the end point of picture no 5 
Draw a line as like shown in the picture no 6
Draw another line in the opposite of  picture no 6 as like picture no 7. 
Join the last point of no 6 and no 7 line as in no 8

Draw a  line where box is being open which will see like the box is opens here.so draw a line as like no 9 
Then draw another line close to no 9 as shown in the no 10
You can make opener position as like no 11 
And draw an opener as like u shape as like as given no 12.

Make a side opener border as like no 13
Draw a handle as like given in no 14
And now your prepare box will looks like this type.

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