Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Make a round as shown like no 1
Make another round for its surface will looks like a fan
And for its leaf drag a line as in no 3
Draw another for another side of leaf as shown in the no 4
And for its side of leaf make a curve like no 8
And for opposite side of leaf you can draw an another curve as given in the picture no 9.
And for the joint of leaf with fan draw a small curve like in the picture no 10.
And for its another site make another curve like picture no 11.
Make same like in regular distance in three leafs and you can make your choice design for its stylish look like you can add star in the center and a small point in it as like in the picture above like .And then add the suitable color of your choice in it.And your drawing of fan is ready now. 

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