Tuesday, 27 March 2018


  As we discuss before that before make it you need to store that image in your mind that how it looks like and about its starting from the certain point of its sharpness.So lets start its paintings

                        Target your look from the starting point.We need to start that point where we can make it easy to draw it .Start point should be most important in point where it will be easy to draw us. It is the most important point is that to get a starting point to Start and if you didn't get a perfect starting point you cannon make it perfect shape.So lets start with the starting point given below .
                  Drag from start point by like a curve towards below and then rise up to last point as shown in the above picture . 

From the start point drag towards no.2, and join to the last of  no.1

Then make a small nipple as shown in the picture no 3
                        After you finishing no 3 then you can add color of your choice.you can also add any other colors of your choice. you can add green color for raw mango or yellow for ripe mango. Also you can add other colors for according your like.  

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