Tuesday, 27 March 2018


It is difficult for make a draw of a snake. But it can be draw with the some efforts.So let's start the drawing. 
Make a curve to star with the fang marks by draw a line like as shown in the picture no 1. For
Also make another like in another side of that as like in the picture no 2 given. 
Then make the head of the snake with the curve like no 3.  
And then make the lower side of the snake head by a lower curve as like no 4
And then make the rib form its neck as  in the picture like no 5.
And also the same for the opposite side as in the picture no 6.
Make two small dots as the eye of the snake.as in no 7.

Make its tongue with three small curve like as no 8 
Then make its body and tail by make as the type of a rope as like no 9.
And make its another side of tail as shown in the picture no 10.

And for another side body make another curve like as in the picture no 11.
And also make another curve like in the no 12 for the belly of the snake.
After completing all these you can add color now  
Add the suitable color for the look as like a perfect snake. 
After you give the color your drawing of snake will be looks like in the above type. 

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