Tuesday, 27 March 2018


How can we make a quick tree in just few minutes.It is easy to make.So lets know how it can draw in below

To make a quick tree you should start by some curve like shown in the above picture no 1. All the curves will seems like all leaves of the tree.

Then join starting curve with the last curve with rounding type of shape. 

Make a curve like picture no 3 for the shape like the trunk of tree

draw another like it opposite as in the picture no 4

Make a curve of like snake for the footer of the tree as shown in the picture no 5.

And make some line with small and big for standing the tree on the road as in the picture no 6.

Make two curve for more attractive to show leaves . And it is now ready for color.

After you giving your preferable color it will looks like this type. 

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