Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Watch is very easy to draw and it is so useful for us because we need time in our everyday in our life and everybody see the watch that how it is? So let's start draw a beautiful watch. So at first we need to start with a round for watch like below.
Draw a round as in the picture no 1

Draw another round in side of 1st sound which should looks like its side border of watch as it is shown in the picture no 2
Point out the center of round and make a small round like a small bottom which will seems like the center of watch as it is shown in the picture of no 3.

Then you should write the number of watch from 1 to 12. And you need to start from the top with the number of 12 as in the above picture and then 6 in the below and 3 in right side and 9 in the left side as above.By this process you will be easy to put the numbers in a regular distance as it is given in the watch
Then you will be easy to fill other numbers of 1,2,4,5,7,8,10 and 11
Draw a arrow for the minute hand of watch it should big among the arrows like in the above picture no 4
And draw a short arrow for hour hand like above picture no 5

And for second hour draw a thin hand like picture no 6.It is move first among all the hands of the watch so it is very thin.
Add another round like a track for awesome look .And the watch is ready for coloure
Add the color of your choice for great look .

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