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This is very easy to make agarbati or insect sticks in your home. You need to only purchase its materials and make it OK for use or sell in market. You can make it through the machine or without machine. If you have a machine you need to purchase its raw materials for making raw agarbati sticks. And if you don't have any machine then you can also make it by purchase the raw sticks. If you want to become settle with this business then you need to purchase the agarbati machine. It is depending upon that how much you can invest for this business,if you want to start it within 10,000 then you can start it without machine by only through purchase the raw materials.

If you want you invest 30,000 and above you can purchase a manual machine which cost  will be approximately Rs.15,000 to Rs.22,000. Manual Machine can operate by a person with using its pedaling system. And it will give you 9 to 10 kg of production daily which will be more benefit for you.And manual machine is like the given picture.

If you have another way to invest in agarbati business then ignore it. Also there is another option for huge investment about 85,000 and above for making production with fully automatic machine like in the given picture.

Image result for agarbatti automatic machine image

With this machine you can make about 20 to 30 kg of production daily for more business. Also a single person can handle this machine.

So it is depending upon you that how much you can invest in this business.

Except the machine you need to purchase the raw-materials for it,and raw materials require for making agarbati are premix powder and bamboo sticks.

Premix powder

The packing of premix powder you will found in 30,40 or 50 kg bags. An all the raw materials you will find at your nearest wholesaler dealer of agarbati items. Which cost will comes around 20 to 25 per kg. It will use for making the dry paste (using by water)to paste over the bamboo stick.

Image result for premix powder       

Bamboo stick or China stick

This is use for making raw stick by pasting premix paste over it.

After pasting the premix over the bamboo sticks or china sticks then need to make it dry it. And you can dry it in the sun.

And then you can add design or any color for make agarbati more attractive and beautiful.

 And your raw stick is ready now then you need to pack it for to sell in the market otherwise you have another option to purchase the raw materials from a manufacturer,  this will be much better if you want to invest less amount of money.It will come 60 to 75 rupees per kg. and you will no need to purchase any machine for it.Then you make it packed an sell it in the market.

And for the packing the raw agarbati you need to purchase the items which is use in the packing the agarbati, the details are given.

Inner box cover of agarbati

There are so much verity and design of agarbati cover you can found in the market, select your choice that which you want to sell in the market and its price will come about Rs.1.40 to Rs.1.70 per piece inner with its of 1 piece outer or big cover free with 12 piece inner cover. 

Outer cover box

It is use for contain the 12 piece of small inner box and it is free with 12 small inner box purchase.

Matches box

This is a common use with the agarbati you can found in the market that free match box with agarbati packet box.So this not bound for give match box inside the agarbati packet. It is depending upon you that according to your market survay.

Poly cover

This is to use for pack the scented agarbati in it for keep its scent strong enough and the price of the poly cover will be arround Rs.150 to Rs.190 per kg.

Deep oil

This oil is use to mix with scent and deeping agarbati in it. Because it will catch the fire till the end. And scent will more spread in the surrounding. And its price is about from 120 to 140 per liter.

Image result for deep oil for agarbatti

There are much more kind of scents available in the market like mogra, denim, darker, raanigandha, kewda, puspsk, good news, puspak, varatbasi and so much other types, you can select as your choice from them to use perfume in the agarbati . And the price of it will coming around 500 to 3000 per liter.

White gum tape

It is use in packing and sealing the inner and outer pocket to make finish the packing of agarbati. And also you can use blade or any cutter to cut it, also you can use the cutting machine for this.

And then after you make finish the packing with these materials you can sell it in the market and your product will look become like this after finish.

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