Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Let's take a look at the candles and prepare how to make plan to draw it in the mind and where should we start to draw it. 
So let's start with a straight line from a particular point to towards its down as shown in the picture given in the above no 1 .  
Make another like that in the opposite of that line as like given in the above picture no 2.
Join the top or starting point of two line (of no 1 and no 2 ) with a down line curve and a up line curve as given in the picture no 3 on above.

And make a down line curve which will join the last point of picture no 1 and no 2, as it is shown in the picture  no 4.
In the next step you need to draw a left side curve as like in the picture no 5.

And next you should make same like no 5 in the opposite of it. As it is given in the picture no 6.
After you draw no 6 the drawing is finish and then you can add colors of your choice in the candle for its beautiful look.
After finish of the candle it will looks like this type.

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