Tuesday, 27 March 2018


 To make a sun not so much difficult it is very easy for make the draw of it. so lets starts how it makes like.First set an image in your mind that how the sun looks, it is like a big snow white bulb and gives ray from all side so we can make it with a big round and for looks it like snow ball and for its ray we can use lots of lines for it .Let's start it and see that how did it looks?

Look at the sun and set  the the picture in the mind  and thought yourself how to make its drawings easy ,from which point it should be start. Make according to easy of you or you can make like the picture which is given below
In step no.1 you should start with by draw a round like in the above picture no.1 or according by your size  
Make some small and big lines surround that round like in the picture no 2 
After you finish make big and small lines surround its round like the above picture you add some colors inside of round as like picture below.  
You can add any different types of colors inside the round and also you can make colorful lines in it for different look of the sun.

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