Monday, 19 March 2018


          Yes, Now you can make chat with your whats app friends with easy and free because whats app has lunched an application for  window and mac. It is like a mirror of whats app in window or mac. Only you can cot make call in it other wise you can do all like whats app. So lets know how ?

Go to Whats App Web or visit in the link in your browser, and your interface will appear like this.

Then click in the Whats App Web option.

After you click in the whats app web option, the screen will appear like this.

And need to put your Mobile Phone and open Whats App and go to the Whats App Web option.

And it will ask for the QR Scan in your mobile like in the picture below.

Then put your mobile Scan Code in front of  the QR Scan code in the Whats App Web page. 

Then It will automatically set all tour contact list in your browser after through the QR Scan. And your page will appear like below.

 And now you can make your chat with your all Whats App contacts as it before. 


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