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Blind persons are like a cute and innocent child, because they are so much simple and soft from nature,they never try or wants to hurt anyone or any one gets any trouble by him. After that they face many problems almost. They can't move any where without anybodies supports. They always needs the help from the others for to move somewhere, find the things etc. They always ask for help for the related situation.

Except of those they have also some good attitudes that which can not find within every human. Let's know what are they.

Less Angry :

Blind peoples are angry less due to their attitude by depending always upon others. They understand them self that it is an act of fortune and what can i do if i will angry upon anybody, it will be more problem for me in next time if i will angry. With this understanding they control their anger. So It is the power of self understanding that's why they have angry very less. Where a general man can not control as much like that.

Self confident :

Because of good self understanding they are more strong in every situation.They understand them self that we can't stop the situation if any accident will occurred in the road with us,and also they have self confident that nothing will happen like this because god knows that he take the light from their life which is a big punishment for him and what will be more if we die by road accident.

And also they have confident in their work when they work in a systematic manner. like counting of things, packing of materials etc,these type of work they can do with confidently than others.

Strong by mentally and physically :

Blind mans are very strong because when any part of human body becomes damages then another part of body becomes more strong and active. So blind mans are strong enough by mentally and physically from nature. They can lose you in the fight if once they caught you in their capture.
And the tears never come out from their eyes in any situation, only they can cry for their eyes. Otherwise they really strong enough from the mind and body.

Silence from nature :

Blind mans are so silent from nature because they are start their conversation or speech with others when they listen something from others.They can not start conversation with others if any body will only stand at him silently, So they are always looking to start from others.They first identify someone with their voice and then start conversation with them. So they are silence from nature.

Reliable and responsible : 

They are very reliable because they afraid to get offence any offence after there blindness. So they never try to complete their responsible to avoid from offence. They are always so careful about it.So they are more reliable than any others.

Memory :

As they are good listener they have the power to  remember more things than others, and they are only use their brain for to listen others so their concentration of listen of others is so much better than a well person. And for that they can store more things in their mind than others.

Good followers : 

They are also a good followers because they have no eyes to move in their way so they are always looking for a good instructor to be a good follower of them. And they always looking for guide to go away. So they are good followers than a well person.

Trust able :    

They are most trusted person because they walks by the instruction of someone.And the blind person do that as guide's instruction. If the guide person give the wrong instruction to blind person then his life can be finish. So the blind persons are very trust able. They can put their trust on you than others.


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