Sunday, 11 March 2018


As according by science the heart is a muscular organ which pumps blood through vessels of the circulatory system.And blood provides the body with oxygen and nutrients.And it also assist in remove of the metallic wastes from the human's body.

Heart is a very sensitive and soft part of the human body which is located in between the lungs, In the middle compartment of the chest which control the whole body by provide the instruction to the mind.And mind is always follow the instruction of heart because heart was the power to understood the right things and it can take the  right decisions.So mind is always obey the decisions of the heart.

There is a another function of the heart that is keep human alive through its beating.And its works was continue from birth to death.If its work being stops then all the part of the body doesn't moves and it is called a dead body. So Heart is a supreme part of human body which is make a human active.

Also there is a sweet function of heart that by which human getting cheer and happy or sad with that, i.e known as feelings .With that feeling human becomes strong or week .When human heart becomes strong he wants to do anything for keep the instruction of heart .And when it becomes week then the body also lose the power to do anything.Heart provides the adequate power to the body as needed. Love, affection,kindness,apologies are the weakness of heart and breve, patience determinate, committed these are strongness of the heart.

Image result for girls imagesImage result for rose flower imagesWhen a human see any beautiful girl or beautiful flower or any other beautiful things, It gets touch to his heart and his heart wants to do any thing for make it own.It is a kind of attraction of heart, where heart becomes week. Heart wants to completely offer itself to drown in that beauty for make it own to that beautiful things. If it gets happen as according to the heart's wants then the heart becomes getting so much cheer and if it happens opposite of it  then  heart gets disappoint and it break the strength and power if it self.

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