Saturday, 10 March 2018


Image result for marketing personA salesman is like an umbrella who protect the business or company to existing or to stand safely in the market.A sales man is always able to to face the obstacle in the market he is always able to listen face good or bad or it may be very rude situation form his costumer.And he is active always for to study the new market situation and how it can be handle with the product of his. The salesman always looks towards tomorrow that how to increase his sale with his good relation with the costumers to get more and more incentive.With this motive he expand the company or business products through increase his sales.

A salesman life is always so much risky in the market.And he is never get back after know this, he knows he can be fall in trouble during travel every day or he may be in trouble with costumer . After that he deals with the costumer friendly for to make good relationship with him and making more business from that costumer. Salesman always keeps more patient to handle them friendly. Some salesman are standing maximum time in front of costumers for a long period of time in the service of costumer. They are try to please their costumer with there attitude to visit maximum to their counter for more business .The relation between salesman and costumer should as much friendly for increase business.Each and every day he can't made sale, it is also depend upon his luck or situation.

When a salesman go to the market and visit a counter then his 1st impression should be effective for regulating more business from the counter and also there is a proverb in this regarding that is "The first impression is the last one" that means if a salesman will put the right impression with his attitude then  fifty percent work was done at that time another fifty percent he can archive through by product and its quality.This is the most effective primary part for any salesman and of any business .

This is really a hard task for his position of survival in the market source and also from natural source as like summer, winter, rain and other sources. A salesman life is a full of struggling with the sources. After all about this he is also answerable for why sale doesn't made hundred percent although it is made only 90 percent above.

In this regards some salesman are also make their achievement down hundred percent where as his sales was being above hundred percent. They surplus their rest percent of achievement of sales target for the next month. And that percentage is added in the next month. This is happen in the case for achieve the target.

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