Saturday, 17 March 2018


Love is that true which made with believe and trust. And if the trust and believe should be hundred percent then it is celled true love. It is not only from the heart but also from the soul like the relation between body and soul. True love is the relation with between soul to soul. It never see any out source like any beauty capacity talent etc.True love can be happen with humans, animals, birds and any one who will have the heart .Only it need to identify the another lovely heart for making true love. And every heart is always search for that.

After the heart get it, it wants to touch with other heart for each and every moments and the heart becomes so irritate when it didn't found the another heart for some times. It is  the missing of the heart in the love of the other heart and  the heart is connected with the other heart by listen " I LOVE YOU" from the other heart then the both heart gets realize that they made for each other and they can not leave without both. And they each make happy themselves at every situation. They blindly have the trust and believe upon themselves.

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