Thursday, 15 March 2018



Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression or harassment of the mind over the situation that which is is against of the mind .

It is a sate of mind according to the situation going.If the situation will be like for enjoyment in the  party then our mind becomes so much excitement for enjoying in the party. And if there will be a situation arises that there is a snake who bite your friend then our mind become so sad or crying for this situation.So this is a stage of mind to behave as according to the situation, it may be happy, excitement, cheer, pleasure, sarroow, sad, depress etc.

We are the slave of the situation, we react as according to the situation wants. We are like a doll for the situation which is dance us as it wants, whenever it makes happy to us and when makes SAD to us. If you want to follow the the slave of the situation then it is ok for you and if you are not want to slave of the situation then there is a way for you.


     Possess the positiveness is a stage of mind where only positive things are accepted or it is a pre- determination of the mind where mind is totally set for the receive only the positive thought. It is so much necessary for leads over SAD because SAD is a negative source of element of our mind and we need to make positive thought during the negative time which will make strong to our mind and become heavy over the negative thought or over SAD. And the positiveness is that you are strong enough than  the situation, what ever may be situation like you will have to possess the thought that i should thought that i want. It will control your power of thought into positive. So it is most important for possess the positive thought in the mind.


In the time or situation of SAD you need to remember that truth is always truth and truth is that everything is will be empty at the last and every situation will be gone away either you are being sad or happy with that situation. This is the truth that which will make you so strong and powerful at that situation, so you need to remember it always and it is most powerful weapon in the SAD situation.


Silence is the most beautiful weapon in the world which is use in all the situation to maintain well. And all the world,earth,moon and other source also comes from the silence. You can never imagine without know about its power. For just feel its power you need to become silence for half an hour only by close your eyes without any thought. and see the result after half an hour, you can feel the freshness and you have got some new start to thought enough. So maintain your silence in the essential situation for empower your thought of mind. So silence is must needed in the time of SAD situation or time. And a silent mind is always  able to think more about to how to make the better solution in real situation.


This is most important that  to believe yourself and understand yourself that the situation which in front of your is not a fix issue,It will must go away over me sure.And you need to be happy with that situation because you feel like an audience of that situation and  you should have the strong determination that i can not make change situation so you need to do only my duty that what you can. And the situation will be goes away in its way. And if you lose any thing then think about that whose things that you lose really ? and before you it was of whose ?  and after you whose it will be ? and you will found the answer that nothing is yours and you will not lose anything of yours.and you can not take anything with you at the end then why should sad to myself. this understand will help you so so much in the real need to remember it and utilize it in he real time.

Life is so beautiful you need to make it simple it through you and your thought. Change yourself to change the situation, So there is no need to be SAD in any situation

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